Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !!!
I'm on holiday next week.
Yes it's short but that's my first holidays in one year and a half.

Yeahhh !!!


I got my birthday present yesterday !!
I'm so f***ing happy !!!

God! I love it ! 
It sounds so much better than my old guitar 8D



What a week !

I'm so glad that this week is over!
It really was an upsetting week.

First I was really anguished because my contract was supposed to finish at the end of the month. So I thought I had to look for another job.
But after another appointment they informed me they had the opportunity to keep me a little bit longer. So my contract will not end before the end of august. They also said that if they have a possibility they will be pleased to keep me for good. So I keep my finger crossed^^

I also received Rob Dougan's CD!!

It took me so long to get it!
Well I mean... I first started to look for it in France... of course I was a little bit optimistic...
So I finally ordered it abroad...

I also received the PW4-A card from SPN season 3 set
(Sam - Borrowed time puzzle card) Yeeeeeeeeeessss!!!

And about the end of the week...
Supernatural of course! I've been waiting for this episode like a crazy fangirl.
Well, I am a crazy fangirl but really I was thinking about it like every minute! WTF??

I'm not really good at writing reviews so I will just say that it was a really good episode. 
But... Yes there is a but... for a season finale I must say that I am a little bit disappointed.

I was expecting for a little more. Anyway it was still a good episode.

Now, how the hell am I suppose to live without Sam and Dean this summer?? Arrrrgggg!!

I want the season 5 right NOW!!!


This week-end ? I think I'll stay home...

Watching movies, playing guitar, just... relax a little...



SNOU !! Attaque de Petits Poneys !!

Snou, snou !!

Regarde ce que je t'ai trouvé !!

Ils ont sautés dans mon sac à dos ce weekend !
Il y a même une licorne, bon je suis pas sure que ce soit un vrai "Petit Poney" et à mon avis le poney rose à gauche rangée du milieu a une jambe en bois...  Enfin il a pas sa patte d'origine quoi... Mais les 2 petits devant sont trognons xD

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